November 01, 2009

a carving we will go...

I don't get Halloween. What I mean is the EXCESS of Halloween - the tricked out houses complete with elaborate levitating mummies, the lights, the 15 carved pumpkins...  Much as I like to wield a knife in the kitchen, pumpkins leave me stumped. 

I learmed today that there is such a thing as a "pumpkin saw".  I discovered the pumpkin saw when I was searching online for a fairly simple stencil to use to upgrade my usual gap-toothed pumpkin face.  Now I get it.  One does this:

with this...

Are you kidding me????

I settled for the jack o lantern template with the "batty" grin.


and after!

No saw - just good old fashioned knives. 

Although I have to admit I bought a big inflatable pumpkin - the kind that has a light inside and makes a soft "whooshing" sound as it billows, ungainly and bloated, at the end of the drive...

Now, what was I saying about not getting Halloween?

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