November 04, 2009

A Bite-Sized Moment

Rich always has great stories from China. And even better photos.  He should be the one with the blog.  Here's an excerpt from an email I got this week.

"At the Canton Fair they have "buyers’ lounges" where one (mainly Westerners) can go and relax. They serve some refreshments: coffee, tea, juice, water, cookies, etc.

Amongst the offerings were three kinds of bread; "bread" which was basically your slices of Wonder bread, piled on a plate. Then you had "wheat bread" which was a little bun, like a hockey puck. And then, as the photo shows, you had what was really a hotdog bun, called "France bread" - I think because it kinda, sorta looked like a baguette."

He calls these stories "bite-sized moments" - things that happen in a flash, but over time, create a crazy tapestry of memories.  More and more he is taking his camera with him everywhere, but there are still a few that only live on in his "mind's eye". I still regret the lost photo of the 4'9" little old Chinese lady in the oversized T-shirt that had a silhouette of a rastafarian with "DUDE" superimposed on top...