January 27, 2010

An Old Fashioned Cocoa

There's a wonderful little cafe that just opened by our house...CocoaLatte.  It's a small family-run business, with a delicious assortment of paninis, wraps, all things eggy and of course an extensive menu of teas and coffees.  Just big enough to still be cozy, with a fireplace tucked in the back and comfy chairs, CocoaLatte is the perfect place to stop after our weekly market run.  The signature drink is - naturally - cocoalatte: a tall frothy latte with a generous dollop of rich cocoa at the bottom.  Rich stirs it up; I sip it slowly, waiting for the final prize of a mouthful of chocolatey coffee. 

It reminded me that, while I drink coffee daily, I just don't drink cocoa nearly enough.  On a day when the thermometer finally dipped, and stayed, below 0C, it's exactly what I want. Ella may have her love to keep her warm, but with Richard more than 12,000 kilometres away, cocoa will have to do.

Liz's Late Night Cocoa
makes one luscious cup of cocoa

½ bar organic mik chocolate (I use Prestat Chocolates)
¾ cup organic skim milk
⅛ cup organic 35% cream, or to taste

1.  Using a double boiler*, heat water to a gentle simmer.  Break up the chocolate bar and begin to melt slowly in the pan.

*Have you tried the De Buyer Stainless Steel Bain Marie Cooker? It's an amazing all-in-one double boiler that is perfect for melting chocolate, making sauce, simmering custard or any other slow, low heat task you need to do.

2. As the chocolate melts, add the milk and stir with a mini whisk to break up chocolate particles and blend.  Add cream and swirl again.

3. Heat until very hot, but do not boil.  A final swirl, pour and sip! 

For a final decadent touch, add a dollop of whipping cream on top.

photo courtesy Prestat Chocolates