May 23, 2010

Farmers' Market Find - Fresh Duck Eggs

There's always a treasure trove of wonderful food at the market - in season now are ramps, fiddlehead ferns, asparagus, fava beans. Seeing all those delicious greens reminds us that summer is practically here. 

But don’t forget to look for something new in the basics too. I first tried duck eggs last spring and was immediately hooked. It starts with the eggs themselves – beautiful mottled colours, all slightly different in size and shape, each egg looking as if it were cast of marble. These are eggs harvested by hand, not sorted by a machine.

The real prize is inside. While the eggs are virtually the same size as chicken eggs, the yolks are bigger and a deeper hue of yellow, the white pristine white. Use them for everything that you would normally use eggs for, but to appreciate the real “egginess” of them, make a couple sunny side up in a pan, served alongside freshly toasted bread. It will make your weekend a better thing.


  1. Duck eggs? I've never tried one of those before, but they look scrumptious... and I had no idea they were available in Toronto.
    Pray tell, where did you manage to find these beauties?

  2. We go every Saturday to the Green Arts Barn Farmers Market (it's year round), between Wychwood and Christie south of St. Clair. It's really great, esp now that there's more and more fresh produce other than potatoes! The eggs come from Stoddard Farm ( - they are there very other week, and have the most interesting products. Also check out Vicki's Veggies from Prince Edward County, plus great cheeses, wool, tomato plants, etc etc... ( Great kids' playground, dog run and best part is a stop at Leah's Home Baking at the corner of Wychwood and St. Clair (or CocoaLatte on St. Clair). I love our 'hood! - come visit :-)


  3. Thanks for the tips! I used to live just down the street from the Wychwood Barns when they were still being overhauled, and I miss the old 'hood dearly (especially the almond croissant at Pain Perdu... mmmmm)
    I'll also keep my eyes peeled for Stoddart at the Brickworks, now that I know which vendor to look out for... it's a closer to home, so I'll probably end up there more often than not.

  4. Love eggs! and ducks are wonderful. You captured the size of the yolk very well. I'd like some sunny side up right now.