February 12, 2011

Now I'm Stylin': The Stylish Blogger Award

A few days ago laxsupermom from Sugar n Spice in the land of Balls n Sticks nominated my blog for a “Stylish Blogger Award”.   It was only when I started reading about other SBA nominees that I realized this wasn’t just a nice way of saying “I like your blog”. When I accept the award, I need to tell you seven things about myself, give the award to 15 other fab blogs (and bloggers) that I love, and a shout out to the person who nominated me.

So, first, thank you laxSM, for your nice nomination!

And without further ado, here are seven random things about me.

1. I have (ahem) a bit of a shoe weakness
Sadly these are not my shoes but a girl can dream

2. And can generally find something to buy even if I’m in the middle of nowhere – I *love* to shop
Who do you suppose shops at this Prada store?

3. We don’t own a TV
Contemporary Tv Stand
When we get one I want it to be MASSIVE

4. But I still manage to be addicted to Glee
glee season 1
Sue Sylvester rocks; or at least that's how I "c" it

5. I collect cookbooks - obsessively
How many is too many, really?

6. And a couple of my recipes have appeared in a best-selling cookbook

If you don't own this cookbook, you should

7. Did I mention I like food?
...but you knew that already

There are so many fabulous blogs out there, it’s hard to choose just 15 to highlight. So here’s a random list of food blogs that make my mouth water, make me laugh, or just plain entertain me. I hope you visit them and enjoy them too.


  1. Wow Eliz how kind thank you! I really love your blog, the recipes and the layout, you well deserve your stylish award. I also love Glee and adore your bookcase, you're a lady after my own heart.

    I did try to click on some of the blog links and they didn't work, it could be my computer which I'm having probs with, but I thought I'd let you know just in case.

    Thanks again :):)

  2. Eliz,
    Thanks for picking me among so many. I feel special.
    You never know who you make on impression on?
    My devoted frienship

  3. No, you can never have enough cookbooks, and here is the tv stand you must get when the time comes:



  4. I loved learning more about you. I'm a shoe-aholic, too. A bunch of the blogs you nominated are new to me. I can't wait to check them out.

  5. Thks lax; liked reading yours too - and it's where I finally figured that you are *not* in lax but upper NY! Stay warm - you're probably as snowbound as we are. And thks for pointing out the links are broken - all fixed now - I definitely had web gremlins in the house last night :-)


  6. And thks to everyone else who pointed out the broken links :-)

  7. Thanks for the award, Eliz! I'm flattered to be included in such a great list of bloggers.
    BTW, I love the seven random things. We clearly have much in common, at least when it comes to shoes and cookbooks. Also, so awesome that you contributed recipes to Friday Night Dinners, which is a wonderful cookbook indeed (one which I don't own yet.... I do mooch my MIL's copy when we visit, though.)

  8. Hey eliz I loved seeing more about you. As a fun note, when I did my bike ride across the U.S. last year I stopped at that little "Prada" art display and have pics of it and my friend and I in front of it. It is just up the road from a precious little library in the back of beyond in TX. Also as I came back across the U.S. on the train I passed it again and waved from the train window. How did you find the pic ??? Love your blog as always and look forward to checking all the links. c

  9. oopsss...it came out in my DH's name as it is his Google account ! This is Caroline .

  10. It was interesting getting to know you more! I also don't have a TV, but when I do get one, it's going to be super massive!

  11. Thanks so much for including us, The Peche, in your list of blogs! Yesterday was a rough one (no children took naps), so this was a bright spot in an otherwise difficult day. Thanks again!

  12. C, great to see you here (and thks for setting me straight about who "Robert" was!).

    The Peche, you're welcome :-) I love following your blog and your tweets are great (take note, tweeps). Jealous of your great meetup with the fabulous Dorie Greenspan. Loved reading about that.


  13. AMAZING AL....love your posts as usual!!!

  14. I have a wee bit of a cookbook obsession myself and with already stuffed bookshelves, it's a problem! What a great surprise to find your email after being away from the computer for several days! Thanks for including me in this talented list and the for introducing me to "Friday Night Dinners." Can't wait to check out your recipes in the book!


  15. Hi Eliz, I've responded to your very kind award on my blog if you want to check it out :)