December 19, 2009

Only one more sleep!

Haven't posted for a while - we have been in a whirl of activity getting ready for tomorrow's Open House.  It promises to be record attendance, and we are ready! 

Cookie baking and decorating complete: check.

Agonising over, selecting and then cooking what will end up being way too much food: check.

Getting the house beautiful: a given!

Now it's time to sleep and pray for a green Christmas.


  1. Hi there. Great blog. Great renovation! Wondering if you'd be willing to share the limestone flooring product info. Been looking everywhere for something similar. In midst of renovation now. My email is Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Christine! Thanks for the nice comments. Happy to share flooring (and any other info) on the kitchen. I would love for someone else to benefit from the hours I spent researching during our reno :-)