December 22, 2009

The Remains of the Day

Of the 80+ guests, all in festive spirits and hungry as bears.  Of the 21 delectable dishes artfully arranged on the dining room table, buffet style.  Of the oh-so-pretty house, done up with Christmas greenery, a big old fat real Christmas tree and lots of love.  Of the kitchen island, laden with sparkling glasses, lined up soldier-straight, next to choices of cheery punch, or more grown up prosecco, red or white wine. Of the kitchen, put to work under the watchful eye of Ian, juggling food prep along with the team of four servers.

Yes - sadly - the new kitchen's inaugural first ever Open House - and our 14th - will have to live on in memory only.  There's still time to share the delectable recipes though and of course I seemed to remember to take photos before - when all the cooking was underway - and after...

Baby potatoes for three cheese fondue:

Marinated and pre-seared lamb chops for pistachio-crusted lamb "lollipops":

Tunisian bean dip being swirled into submission:

And the very generous expression of our guests, who support our holiday tradition of bringing a donation for the Daily Bread Food Bank:

Well, Christmas dinner - and our first ever turducken - are just around the corner.  Watch this space for the results!

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